My Christmas morning is the first dawn of hunting season.

Is there anything better than feeling the cool crispness of fall entering your lungs as you take in scenic surroundings and the serene silence of a forest or prairie field?

I grew up near a small border town named Sprague, in the far southeast corner of Manitoba. Having an abundance of publicly-accessible forest and wildlife, it was the perfect place for a young budding outdoorsman to be introduced to the sports of hunting and shooting.

I first learned to shoot as a young child – as do many Canadian kids – on a Cooey single-shot under the watchful eye of my father. Firearms safety was something that was stressed from the very beginning and has continued to become deeply ingrained in me ever since.  It was in this setting that I learned the fundamentals of firearms safety, marksmanship, and fieldcraft, as well as how much fun shooting could be when practiced safely.

At age 12 I passed my Manitoba Hunter Education class, and have not missed a hunting season since. Again under my father’s mentorship, I successfully learned many tricks of the trade while hunting whitetail and various upland species.

After leaving my forest home, I moved to Winnipeg to pursue a post-secondary education. It was at this time that I took a part-time job at Cabela’s as a firearms outfitter. I was fortunate to make many friends at Cabela’s who introduced me to new hunting and shooting opportunities that I had not previously experienced. My passion for both the outdoors and firearms continued to grow (as did my gun collection – if not my bank account). Soon, almost every day off was spent in a duck blind, the backwoods, or at the range, testing a new hand-load recipe.

It wasn’t long after I started at Cabela’s that I tried my hand at several types of shooting sports. I completed my Black Badge certification for IPSC (International Pistol Shooting Confederation) while I learned how to safely and effectively handle and shoot a pistol. I also developed an interest in shotgun sports such as trap, skeet, and sport clay shooting.  I look forward to exploring this new frontier and competing in the near future.

In short, I’ve spent my life recreationally hunting, shooting, and collecting firearms. I have a passion for passing that lifestyle on to others, as well as helping people learn the necessary safe handling procedures that accompany firearm ownership. These simple steps are a necessary part of enjoying this wonderful hobby without being a risk to ourselves, or to those around us.

My goal is to grow the hunting & shooting community and help people explore some of the activities and practices that are so critical to Canada’s heritage.  They have provided some of the most rewarding opportunities in my lifetime and continue to do so every day for millions of others across our great country.

If you’re interesting in getting your PAL or having me come to your area, take a look at my upcoming schedule, or you can send me an email at, fill out this contact form, or just give me a shout at (204) 801-0377.  I love to meet and chat with hunting enthusiasts from around the prairies, so please don’t be shy!